We are so very grateful to have many people who have been so generous with us. Their time, energy and wisdom have guided us through these uncharted paths.

Thank you again:

  • All our neighbours and families of the Cemetery - who have supported and cared for the Cemetery for years and generations! Past grounds keepers and administrators who have volunteered years to the Church and cemetery. Past parishioners and ministers who have given so much. 


  • Mike Kolne who has tirelessly cared for the grounds of the Cemetery for years, and continues to work with us to keep the it beautiful. He is a wealth of knowledge and history.


  • Richard and Carol Summers - Passing the torch, paperwork, tips, moral support, direction and so so much information.


  • Ray Porrill - from the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, who gave us guidance, hope, breadth and depth of this commitment. Leading us through the hoops and trials of doing it right.


  • Matt Stevens and Mindy Stargratt - from Affordable Burial & Cremation, who's help has elevated the professionalism of our services and brought a wealth of information.


  • Laurie Meredith - from Kirkpatrick Stoneworks, who has walked us through so much with clarity and kindness. 


  • Brian Culp - from St.John's Jordan Cemetery, who has helped us create an action plan, and has so much vision and knowledge.


  • Robin McKee - Historian extraordinaire who has sparked the dream of possibilities and future growth. Your focus and passion is contagious.