Cemetery Services


When a Death Occurs

The death of a loved one is never an easy experience.

1. Your First Phone Call: Registering the Death
If an unexpected death has occurred, your first call should be to 911. The emergency response staff will direct you regarding the next steps. If an expected death takes place in a care facility, the medical staff will direct you regarding the next steps.

2. Call Immediate Family
Contact the immediate family, whomever may need to help make some of the upcoming decisions and or support you through this time.

3. Arranging for Assistance of a Funeral Home
Next, you will want to get in touch with a Funeral Home of your choice. The staff there will assist you with transportation and final arrangements. Prior to meeting with the Funeral Home, you may wish to ensure that you have the deceased’s personal identification and will.

4. If You Belong to a Parish
If you belong to a parish, you will want to be in touch with your priest or pastor. They will help plan a service and offer additional support from your Congregation.

5. Contact St. John’s Cemetery in York
If you would like, St. John's Cemetery in York to be the resting place for your loved one. We can help you choose an area that suits your needs.
If you have an existing plot in the cemetery, the certificate needs to be presented and the funeral home will communicate with us about the logistics. We will oversee and support all Cemetery events.

Whether a death is imminent, or has just occurred, the staff at St. John’s Cemetery in York are here to help you make decisions and arrangements regarding the final resting place and to provide any other information you may need.

Cemetery Services

We have many Plots available to choose from. Places for single plots and large family plots vary. We would be happy to walk you through the options.

Casket Grave Plots: Classic burial method, a plot will accommodate a casket interment and permits an upright monument. Multiple family plots allow larger monuments.

Cremation Burial Plots: For those who prefer in-ground interment of cremated remains.

Columbarium Niches: As part of our beautification and restoration efforts. We will have Niches available in 2024 in our new Columbarium. For those who prefer cremated remains to be elevated.

Scattering Garden: As part of our beautification and restoration efforts, in 2023 we will build a Scatter Garden. Where cremated remains can be scattered in our designated memorial garden. An optional plaque will be available for those who wish to memorialize their loved one.

Pre-Need Services: Pre-planning of cemetery services is available through our office. Pre-planning gives you the time to make decisions and provides you and your family peace of mind. By purchasing at today’s prices, you protect yourself from inflationary increases in the future.

Memorial benches and Fence Panels:
As part of our beautification and restoration efforts, limited numbers of Memorial benches, tree adoption and Iron fences can be purchased in dedication to loved ones. They will be in the Giving section.



York Cemetery Price List

The following price includes the interment rights, Care & Maintenance fund contribution and HST. Care and Maintenance, 40% of the purchase price of all graves and lots and 15% of the purchase price of all niches, is contributed into an irrevocable trust fund as a requirement under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 30/11- The Care and Maintenance Fund. Income from the Fund is used to provide general care and maintenance of the Cemetery in perpetuity.

Plot Fees

Type of Lot

To Cemetery 


To (BAO)  Care & Maintenance Fund

Total Price Total with HST
Single Grave Monument Lot $1,764 $1,176 $2,940 $3,322
2 Grave Monument Lot $3,528 $2,352 $5,880 $6,644
3 Grave Monument Lot $5,292 $2,116 $8,820 $9,967
4 Grave Monument Lot $7,056 $4,704 $11,760 $13,289
Each individual grave may accommodate a maximum of three interments in one of the following combinations: 1 casket and 2 cremation urns, or 3 cremation urns.

Cremation Niches Fees

Columbarium (Pre order only)

To Cemetery 


To (BAO) Care & Maintenance Fund 

Total Total with HST
Niche (Upper Rows) 12x12x12 $2,125 $375 $2500 $2,825
Saints & Saviors (Middle Rows) 12x12x12 $1,700 $300 $2000 $2,260
Niche (Lower Rows) 12x12x12 $1,700 $300 $2000 $2,260

Interment Fees Opening and Closing

Interment Opening and Closing To Cemetery Operations York Attendee to Service & Survey Staking HST Total
Single Plot Opening and Closing - Interment $900 $400 $169 $1,469
Cremation Plot Opening and Closing - Interment $600 $400 $130 $1,130

Monument & Markers Fees

Monument & Markers Options To Cemetery Operations

To (BAO)Care & Maintenance Fund

HST Total 
Survey Staking Fee $200 $0 $26 $226
Monument Foundation (flat fee) 48" or Under $200 $200 $52 $452
Monument Foundation (flat fee) Larger than 48" $200 $400 $78 $678
Flat Marker Foundation (Under 173 square inches) $200 $0 $26 $226
Flat Marker Foundation (Over 173 square inches) $200 $100 $39 $339

Additional Fees

Additional Charges to regular fees To Cemetery Operations HST Total
Saturday Plot Interments $400 $52 $452
Saturday Cremation Interments $200 $26 $226
Sunday & Stat Holidays Plot Interments $650 $85 $735
Sunday & Stat Holidays Cremation Interments $350 $46 $396

Administrative Fees

Administrative Fees To Cemetery Operations HST Total
Transfer Fee $600 $78 $678
Duplicate or Replacement Certificate $400 $52 $452
30 Day cancelation fee (Care and Maintenance portion will not be refunded) $350 $46 $396

Disinterment Fees

Disinterment Fees To Cemetery Operations HST Total
From Plot $2,500 $325 $2,825
From Cremation Plot $1,000 $130 $1,130
From Columbarium $475 $62 $537
Operated by: 2823245 Ontario Inc.
3 Nelles St, York, Haldimand County, ON, N0A 1R0
Contact: Andresa Sisson 1-888-963-9675



For those who grieve

When a loved one dies, the pain of grief can be difficult to deal with.

Grief support is available through many church and community groups. If you’re seeking bereavement support, you may wish to begin by speaking with your parish priest or the health centre where your loved one received care. Whether or not these avenues fit with your circumstances, you can also find support through the Toronto branch of Bereaved Families of Ontario and/or GriefShare.

Resource: “A Guide to Death Care in Ontario”

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) has produced this free guide to help consumers know their rights and responsibilities before entering into contracts with organizations that are licensed under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act of 2002.